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Chaos is an unpredictable phenomenon that have been drawn attention in nonlinear dynamic systems. precise studies and experimental analysis on spur gear dynamic response have been shown nonlinear bifurcation phenomena occurrence and chaos in some system parameters, therefore the controlling of chaos phenomenon in spur gear as a nonlinear dynamic system have been investigated. Spur gear role have been selected to be analyzed due to be as an important component in industrial rotating machine and also as a power transmission systems. Chaotic behavior that been recognized as an uncommon and unpredictable manner in system response have been considered as an unfavorable phenomenon in spur gear system vibrations. Designing optimal spur gear system, controlling or removing the said behaviors are significant. Smart fuzzy controllers have been used in order to control the chaos and keeping the stability of system. In order to optimize the proposed controlling system and providing the fuzzy control requirement, the educated expert information on systems is needed and also the NSGAII extended genetic algorithm has been added to controlling structure. The simulation results in MATLAB software have been revealed that optimal combinational controlling strategy could remove chaos and achieve the spur gear to determined condition and place in a proper time after conducting the inputs