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The Direct Torque control is one of the modest control used in urban electric vehicle control , this kind of control is based on Stator resistance coefficient , this stator resistance coefficient is influenced with the temperature variation , in our present work , many more tests were carried on urban electric vehicle moved in Saharian area, our example is examined in one the hottest regions in the Algerian Saharian region , exactly in Bechar city which located in the south east of Algeria , so the basic idea of this paper is the estimation of the stator resistance variations of the Four wheels electric vehicle moving in the high temperature conditions . The aim objective of this work is to study the behavior of a 4 wheels drive electric vehicle (4WDEV) controlled by the direct torque control in a Saharian city taking into account the Stator Resistance variation. PI controller is used to adjust the 4WDEV stator resistance. The performances of the proposed strategy controller give a satisfactory simulation results. This actual studies make sure the safety and the stability of this vehicle moving in Saharian regions where, the future industrial's vehicle must take into considerations the of stator resistance variations into design steps.