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A novel isolated zero-voltage-transition (ZVT) boost converter with coupled inductors is proposed in this paper to satisfy the high power, high step-up and isolated requirements. In the proposed converter, the input-parallel configuration is adopted to share the large input current and to reduce the conduction losses, while the output-series structure is employed to double the output voltage gain. Consequently, a transformer with a low turns ratio can be applied, which makes the transformer design and optimize easily. Moreover, the active clamp circuits are employed to reduce the switch voltage stress and to recycle the energy stored in the leakage inductance. The ZVT is achieved during the whole switching transition for all the active switches, so the switching losses can be reduced greatly. Furthermore, the diode reverse-recovery problem is partly solved due to the leakage inductance. In addition, the magnetic integration technology is applied to improve the efficiency and to reduce the magnetic component size. Finally, a 12-V input 96-V output 1-kW prototype operating with 100-kHz switching frequency is built and tested to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed converter.